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Which group was the primary target of the poll tax?

GOVT2306 Texas Government

Exam 3

Question 1Which group was the primary target of the poll tax?

  itinerant farm workers


  individuals who did not own property


  low-income white farmers


  poor Democrats


Question 2 What is the most common form of political participation?


  attending a rally


  signing a petition


  financial contributions




Question 3The state of Texas’s history of restricting access to voting is very much in keeping with its


  states rights political culture.


  individualistic political culture.


  moralistic political culture.


  traditionalistic political culture.


Question 4If the post office in Texas is unable to deliver a voter registration card, it will be returned to the voter registrar, and


  the voter registrar will attempt to find a forwarding address and re-send the card if one is found.


  it will be sent to the polling station on election day for the voter to pick up.


  the voter will need to re-register in order to vote in future elections.


  the county sheriff will be notified to investigate possible voter fraud.


Question 5Which state does NOT limit the voting rights of persons convicted of a felony?




  West Virginia






Question 6


Which of the following is rationalist reason for not voting?


  “I didn’t feel like it.”


  “There’s no chance my single vote will decide the election.”


  “I forgot to register in time.”


  “I was out of state on election day.”


Question 7According to a recent survey, which of the following types of political participation is least common?


  volunteered for a political candidate


  contributed money to a political candidate or party


  sent a letter to the editor of a local publication


  attended a political rally or speech


Question 8Which of the following elections would typically have a higher voter turnout?


  off-year election


  local election


  general election


  primary election


Question 9People who only become involved in politics when they think the issue has a direct effect on them are considered to be:


  Parochial participants






  Voting specialists


Question 10John is upset that the power company is planning to build several wind turbines on the property next to his home. He writes letters to his elected representative and the local newspaper, voicing his displeasure with the project. According to Verba and Nie, what type of political participation is John demonstrating?


  voting specialist






  parochial participant


 Question 11Which of the three measures for voter turnout consistently shows the higher figures?


  percentage of registered voters who voted


  percentage of VEP who voted


  percentage of VAP who voted


  They are all roughly equal.


Question 12What is the voter participation measure used most often by political scientists?


  percentage of voting-age population


  percentage of voting-eligible population


  percentage of voting-age U.S. citizen population


  percentage of registered voters


Question 13In Texas, you cannot vote if:


  You are in prison for committing a felony


  You have not been a citizen for at least 7 years


  You do not pay the poll tax


  You have not completed your annual registration


Question 14The expansion of political participation in the southern U.S. states has come about largely because of


  the civil rights movement.


  suffrage movements of the early twentieth century.


  the Fifteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


  federal government intervention.


Question 15In Texas, how long prior to an election must you register in order to be eligible to vote?


  10 days


  15 days


  0 days (same day registration)


  30 days


Question 16The National Voter Registration Act is also known as the


  CARS Act.


  Motor Voter Act.


  Vehicles and Votes Act.


  Rapid Registration Act.


Question 17In Verba and Nie’s typology of political participation, which category contains the highest percentage of the population?




  parochial participants


  complete activists




Question 18What is the impact of Texas political culture on political participation?


  It moderately encourages political participation.


  It has no significant effect on political participation.


  It discourages political participation.


  It strongly encourages political participation.


Question 19In Texas, to run as an independent for statewide office, a candidate must file a petition with a number of signatures equal to ________ percent of the votes cast for governor in the past election.










Question 20The primary system that allows voters to register or change their party registration on election day is known as a


  blanket primary system.


  semi-closed primary system.


  open primary system.


  closed primary system.


Question 21Can a Texas voter who voted in the primary election of one party vote in the runoff primary of the other party?


  no, unless it was a blanket primary


  yes, if it is an open primary






Question 22In the early twentieth century, candidates in Texas running for statewide office could have extremely inconsistent messages depending where they were campaigning in the state. Why?


  Texas’s diversity


  individual political culture


  lack of a statewide press


  traditional political culture


Question 23In 2016, Texas voters elected


  half the members of the Texas House of Representatives and all the members of the Texas Senate.


  all the members of the Texas House of Representatives and all the members of the Texas Senate.




  all the members of the Texas House of Representatives and half the members of the Texas Senate.


  half the members of the Texas House of Representatives and half the members of the Texas Senate.


Question 24By Texas law, special elections may be held in all of the following months EXCEPT










Question 25Voting in another party’s primary to intentionally nominate a weaker candidate is known as:


  Crossover voting


  False voting


  Runoff voting


  Party raiding


Question 26What voting practice was developed with the U.S. armed services in mind?


  early voting


  absentee voting


  proxy voting


  Internet voting


Question 27A ________ is a panel of “average citizens” who are used by political consultants to test ideas and words for later use in campaigns.


  statistical sample


  focus group


  test group




 Question 28Imagine you are a die-hard member of party A, but wanted the less popular candidate from party B to be party A’s general election opponent. What type of primary election system would allow you to vote for the less popular candidate in party B during the primaries without changing parties?


  closed primary system


  semi-closed primary system


  None of these answers is correct.


  open primary system


 Question 29When did the Texas legislature change the rules to allow anyone to vote absentee without restrictions?




  Texas has always allowed unrestricted absentee voting.






 Question 30The Federal Voting Rights Act:


  Requires bilingual ballots in certain precincts


  Lowered the voting age to 18


  Requires all voters to show some form of identification


  Gave women the right to vote


 Question 31On what day do Texans vote for who will represent them in the United States Congress?


  the first Tuesday in November of all even-numbered years


  the first Tuesday in November of all odd-numbered years


  the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of all even-numbered years


  the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of all odd-numbered years


 Question 32Most of the money used in political campaigns comes from


  federal matching funds.


  individual contributions.


  political party war chests.


  political action committees.


 Question 33Texas has which of the following types of primary systems?


  special type of open primary system.


  semi-open primary system.


  closed primary system.


  blanket primary system.


 Question 34Typically, voter turnout for special elections is highest when those elections are held in










 Question 35Which of the following allowed the federal government to oversee the operation of elections at the state level until a Supreme Court ruling in 2013?


  the Voting Rights Act


  the ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas


  None of these answers is correct.


  Article 10 of the U.S. Constitution


 Question 36Table 8.2 – Total PAC Money in State Campaigns from 2006 to 2014




2006 Cycle


2008 Cycle


2010 Cycle


2012 Cycle


2014 Cycle












































































Source: Texas PACs: 2014 Election Cycle Spending. February 2016. See (


According to Table 8.2, between which 2 cycles did we see a decline in campaign money?


  Between 2012 and 2014 for Business PACs


  Between 2012 and 2014 for all PACs


  Between 2006 and 2008 for Labor PACs


  Between 2010 and 2012 for Ideology PACs


 Question 37What is the most common special election in Texas?


  single contest elections


  mayoral elections in November


  city council elections


  amendments to the constitution


 Question 38The state party chair is selected by


  the state’s top ranking office holder.


  the state convention.


  mail-in ballots from all precinct chairs.


  the national party chair.


 Question 39In 1996, Governor George W. Bush was reelected with ________ percent of registered voters voting for him.










 Question 40Texas Republicans captured their second seat in the U.S. Senate with the election of ________ in 1992.


  Kay Bailey Hutchison


  George W. Bush


  Clayton Williams


  Ann Richards


 Question 41Which third party emphasizes the importance of small government and personal responsibility?


  Libertarian Party


  Reform Party


  Natural Law Party


  Green Party


 Question 42How long after the precinct convention is the county convention held?


  1 week


  2 days


  1 month


  2 weeks


 Question 43The newest element of capital-intensive politics is the use of ________ to communicate directly with likely voters.




  the Internet


  autodialing apps with prerecorded messages


  social media


 Question 44What is the most important function of the precinct convention?


  selection of delegates to the county convention


  election of permanent officers


  selection of candidates for local offices


  nominating local delegates to the Electoral College


 Question 45In Texas the Democratic state executive committee consists of __ members, equally divided between men and women.










 Question 46What alliance allowed the Democratic Party to dominate state politics in Texas from the later nineteenth century until the mid-twentieth century?


  merchants and small farmers


  merchants and landowners


  small farmers and African Americans


  oilmen and businessmen


 Question 47In the 1952 and 1956 presidential elections, many Yellow Dog Democrats broke with tradition and voted for


  Lyndon B. Johnson.


  Adlai Stevenson II.


  Dwight D. Eisenhower.


  Earl Warren.


 Question 48The Texas Election Code has its most profound impact on political party activity in what area(s)?


  All of these answers are correct.


  party organization and fundraising


  conduct of primary elections


  candidate selection


 Question 49One way that historical political parties consolidated power was through appointing faithful party members to government jobs, also known as:


  The merit system


  The caucus system


  The spoils system


  The party boss system




Question 50Who was the first Republican elected to statewide office in Texas since the 1870s?


  Phil Gramm


  Bill Clements


  Lyndon B. Johnson


  John Tower


 Question 51The Texas presidential preference primary is held in what month?










 Question 52Today in Texas, what are the two main factions in the Republican Party?


  social value conservatives and business value progressives


  business value progressives and business value conservatives


  social value conservatives and evangelical conservatives


  business value conservatives and social value conservatives


 Question 53What is the “Australian” ballot?


  Color-coded ballots for each party


  Privately cast votes


  A two-stage voting system


  Publically cast votes


 Question 54During the time of the Republic of Texas, which individual advocated for annexation and peaceful relations with the Native American tribes of Texas?


  Davey Crockett


  Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar


  Edmund Davis


  Sam Houston


 Question 55One-party Democratic dominance occurred from Reconstruction until the










 Question 56The Pendleton Act of 1883 established a class of federal government positions that would be filled as a result of


  political appointments.


  competitive examinations.


  nomination by the president and approval by the U.S. Senate.


  a random lottery.


 Question 57An organization of ideologically similar people that nominates and elects its members to office is known as a(n)


  interest group.


  issue network.


  political action committee.


  political party.


 Question 58The situation in which a state agency falls under the heavy influence of its constituency interest groups is called:


  Rent seeking


  Iron Triangle






 Question 59Texas required registration of interest groups for the first time in ________.










 Question 60The situation of individuals receiving the benefits of collective action without contributing is known as


  “benefit stealing.”


  the “free-rider problem.”


  the “welfare state.”




 Question 61Organized labor in Texas is


  very strong.


  very weak.


  quite strong.


  modestly weak.


 Question 62Which of the following is a SLIG?


  Texas Medical Association


  Texas Automobile Dealers Association


  Texas Farm Bureau


  Texas Municipal League


 Question 63The largest professional group in Texas is the


  Texas State Teachers Association.


  Texas Trial Lawyers Association.


  Texas Medical Association.


  Texas High School Coaches Association.


 Question 64The goal of ________ is to create a favorable public image for the group.


  public relations activities


  a focus group


  mass mailings


  positive media coverage


 Question 65Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the AARP, and are all examples of what interest group type?


  political interest


  religious interest


  public interest


  racial and ethnic interest


 Question 66Inviting public officials to address organizational meetings is one technique to raise


  a group’s image in the eyes of these officials.


  a community’s image of a public official.


  a group’s image in the eyes of the organization.


  the organization’s image in the eyes of the community.


 Question 67When the economy of a state grows more diverse,


  no single industry or group can dominate.


  it is easier for a single rich interest to monopolize power.


  the influence of interest groups becomes greater.


  the number of interest groups shrinks.


 Question 68Which of the following is one of the five types of lobbyist?








  All of these answers are correct.


 Question 69All of the following are lobbying tactics EXCEPT:


  Working with legislators to draft bills


  Publishing a newsletter to keep interest group members informed


  Testifying before a legislative committee


  Encouraging interest group members to contact legislators about a bill


 Question 70When the relationship between a state agency and an interest group becomes very close, it is referred to as




  “strange bedfellows.”




  the “Iron Triangle.”


 Question 71All of the following contribute to legislative professionalism EXCEPT


  longer sessions.


  higher pay.


  more staff support.


  limited sessions.


 Question 72The process of electioneering begins with


  raising money for campaign costs.


  focus groups.


  interest polling.


  candidate recruitment.


 Question 73Who is best known for arguing that “factions” would play an important role in American politics?


  Thomas Paine


  James Madison


  George Washington


  Ben Franklin


 Question 74The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is an example of:


  A public interest group


  A nonmembership organization


  A government organization


  A trade association


 Question 75The National Rifle Association (NRA), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and the National Education Association (NEA) are all examples of groups that are


  active on both the state and national levels.


  barred from financial contributions to PACs.


  nonmembership organizations.


  government recognized special interest groups.


 Question 76Answer the following essay question. The essay question is worth 25 points.  Minimum of 250 words, there is no maximum length for the essay.


In your opinion what are some ways to improve voter turnout in the state of Texas?


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