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Which of the following foods is a rich source of starch?

BIOL1322 Nutrition & Diet Therapy

Chapter 5 Quiz

Which of the following foods is a rich source of starch?

Multiple Choice


Raw shrimp


White rice


Fresh chicken


Egg yolk


Which of the following statements is true?


Multiple Choice


Honey is naturally a rich source of fructose.


Sucrose consists of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of galactose.


High-glucose corn syrup is commonly used to sweeten foods, such as regular soft drinks.


Most animal foods are good sources of carbohydrate.


If you wanted to include a starchy food to your meal, which of the following foods would you add?


Multiple Choice










Camden likes to drink a beverage that is made with maple syrup, fruit juice concentrate, aspartame, and molasses. Which of these ingredients does not contain a form of sugar?


Multiple Choice


Maple syrup


Fruit juice concentrate






Mike likes to drink a commercially prepared milk-based beverage. According to the label, the flavored milk contains 2% milk, water, high-fructose corn syrup, molasses, vegetable oil, saccharin, and natural vanilla flavoring. The ________ in this beverage are its sources of carbohydrate.


Multiple Choice


high-fructose corn syrup, water, and vanilla


molasses, 2% milk, and high-fructose corn syrup


high-fructose corn syrup and saccharin


2% milk, saccharin, and vanilla


Macey would like to sweeten her tea with a nonnutritive sweetener that provides no calories per teaspoon. Which of the following sweeteners would she use?


Multiple Choice






Table sugar




You would like to add a nutritive sweetener to a food that is almost pure carbohydrate. Which of the following substances would you add?


Multiple Choice










In the human intestinal tract, cooked rice is broken down into ________ molecules that can be absorbed.


Multiple Choice










The starch in rice and potatoes is composed of ________ molecules.


Multiple Choice










Jamie has a tumor that affects the functioning of her beta cells. Based on this information, Jamie’s _______.


Multiple Choice


blood glucose level is difficult to regulate


nerves are more sensitive to pain stimuli


lacteals absorb excess lipids


intestinal tract has difficulty digesting fatty foods


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