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Which of the following items was made using chemistry?

CHEM1305 Introductory Chemistry

Chapter 1 Homework Assignment  

Question 1Which of the following items was made using chemistry?

  a computer


  a firework


  a loaf of bread


  all of the above


 Question 2What is the definition of chemistry?


  the study of living organisms


  the scientific study of the human mind


  the study of the composition, properties, and interactions of matter


  the study of earth’s physical structure and substance


 Question 3Chemistry is sometimes referred to as “the central science”.






 Question 4Which field of science can be connected to chemistry?








  all of the above


 Question 5Which  branch of chemistry deals with the study of chemicals that contain carbon?


  inorganic chemistry


  organic chemistry


  physical chemistry


  analytical chemistry


 Question 6Attempts to understand the behavior of matter extend back for more than 2500 years.






 Question 7Which of the following is NOT a step in the scientific method?


  make up some fake data


  formulate a hypothesis


  design and perform experiments


  accept or modify the hypothesis


 Question 8Is the following statement an example of a scientific theory or law?


If the temperature of a gas in a closed system is increased, the pressure will increase.






 Question 9Is the following statement an example of a scientific theory or law?


An element is composed of tiny particles called atoms.






 Question 10One of the best ways to succeed in a chemistry course is to do ALL of the given practice problems.






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