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Which of these technologies are generally good at remediating volatile organics in unsaturated soils?

ENMT495 Global Environmental

Week 7 Quiz

Question 1          Which of these technologies are generally good at remediating volatile organics in unsaturated soils? Check all that apply.


Flocculation and precipitation


Soil vapor extraction




Soil washing


Question 2          Match appropriate remediation technology for each waste stream:


Waste mainly consisting of sulfuric acid


Cyanide wastes


Hazardous waste high in organics


Aqueous waste that does not contain volatile hazardous constituents


Wastes high in lead and nickel such as acid battery waste


Waste containing chromium in the +3 state (Cr3+)


1.            Evaporation


2.            Incineration


3.            Ion exchange


4.            Neutralization


5.            Precipitation


6.            Oxidation-reduction


Question 3                          Which of the following are examples of international environmental laws? Check all that apply.


The Clean Air Act


Montreal Protocol


Commission on Sustainable Development


International  Convention on Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste


Paris Climate Agreement


Question 4          Which of these types of technologies would not be helpful in a Superfund site?  Check all that apply.


Remediation technologies


Control technologies


Avoidance technologies


Monitoring technologies


Question 5          Which of the following are correct statements about international environmental laws?  Check all that apply.


A few environmental laws have established international institutions with power to directly impose trade sanction


The task of direct enforcement is typically left to member nations


International agreements have adequate resources to monitor and ensure compliance


With consent, countries may sue each other for violation of international agreements


There are both hard and soft environmental laws.


Question 6          Which of the following statements are correct about ISO 14001?  Check all that apply.


ISO stands for international standards organization


ISO is a set of mandatory standards for environmental improvements


ISO 14001 centers on environmental management systems standards


ISO 14001 are technical standards


Existing environmental management activities can be integrated into ISO 14001 implementation


Question 7          In-situ soil remediation include which of the following?  Check all that apply.


soil flushing








Question 8Check all correct statements about mixed waste.


In the U.S., mixed waste is regulated by both U.S. EPA and by IAEA


It are both hazardous and radioactive


It occurs naturally


Mixed waste can legally become only radioactive if it passes the TCLP test


Question 9          Which of the situations below is best applicable for the use of SVE?


Clay soil saturated with oil


Surface contamination of Cd


Subsurface contamination of hydrocarbons and alcohols with molecular weight less than 200 g/mole


Subsurface contamination of oils


clay soil with low levels of BTEX & PAH


Question 10        Please match the most appropriate key word or phrase into the appropriate blank in each sentence.   Note that there are more keywords/phrases than there are sentences.




The fact that our society does not have a price on carbon creates a market with many _______________.




Our present measurement of economic progress is the _____________________.  It goes up with every oil spill and with everything sold from gasoline to cigarettes.




The history of environmental degradation is littered with decisions and solutions that have resulted in unintended consequences.  One way to minimize those consequences is to produce a _________  of each product we produce.




______________ are systematic, periodic, documented, and (supposedly) objective review by regulated entities of facility operations and practices related to environmental requirements.




A homeowner who uses rain barrels and conservation landscaping to manage stormwater off her property helps to create a market with __________________.






One important factor that determines whether constituents can be removed via soil vapor extraction is their


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