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Which type of immunity has an immediate response?

Module 04 Quiz  

Assignment Content

Question 1 Which type of immunity has an immediate response?

 Adaptive immune system


 Innate immune system


Question 2 Which type of immunity is dependent upon antigen exposure?


 Innate immune system


 Adaptive immune system


Question 3 The lymphatic system has a function/role in recovering fluid that is lost from the capillaries.






Question 4 Which of the following statements is true regarding humoral immunity?


Antigens are generated by plasma cells


Antibodies destroy the antigens they attach to


A T-Helper cell can activate the B-Lymphocyte


Humoral immunity depends solely on phagocytes


Question 5 Which of the following statements is true of the lymphatic system?


The lymph nodes contain a high concentration of erythrocytes


A function of the lymph nodes is to assist in activation of the immune system


The pancreas is a lymphatic gland


The lymphatic system assists the cardiovascular system in oxygen delivery


Question 6 Which of the following statements is true of the humoral and cellular immune defenses?


The T-Cytotoxic cells seek out cells with a specific antigen epitope and destroy/kill them


Antibodies will bind to any foreign and harmful antigen in the body


Humoral immunity involves the production of antigens


T-Memory cells are solely responsible for the activation of the cellular and humoral immunities 


Question 7 T and B cells are components of the:


Adaptive immune system


Innate immune system


Question 8 Which of the following statements is true of cellular immunity?


No memory cells are produced with this immunity


It produces antibodies


It consist of B-Lymphocytes


It destroys specific cells of the body by causing them to go through apoptosis


Question 9 Inflammation and mucous membranes are components of the:


Adaptive immune system


Innate immune system


Question 10 Which of the following statements is true of lymph nodes?


Cancer cells would never be found in lymph nodes


They are found concentrated in the distal portions of the extremities


Lymph nodes can become inflamed


They filter the blood found in the lymph vessels


Question 11 Skin and fever are components of the:


Innate immune system


Adaptive immune system


Question 12 The antigen determinant, also known as epitope, is the location on an antigen that the immune system can recognize.






Question 13 The structure of lymphatic vessels is most similar to the structure of:










Question 14 Which of the following statements is true of the lymphatic vessels?


The lymphatic vessels carry lymph from the heart out to the body


The lymphatic vessels have flaps that allows fluid surrounding them to easily enter into the vessels


The lymphatic vessels are found only in the torso


The lymphatic vessels form a two-way circulatory system


Question 15 Lymph fluid leaves the lymph nodes through which vessel?




Afferent lymph vessel


Efferent lymph vessel






Question 16 Which of the following is a benefit to the inflammatory process?


It stops the repair process


It helps spread of pathogens throughout the body


Acts as an alarm for the adaptive immune system


Initiates the production of antibodies


Question 17 Which of the following statements is true of a fever?


It will decrease the metabolic rate of the body, slowing down the healing process


It is a systemic response to pathogen or some sort of infection


It will generate vasodilation in the infected area of the body


The increase body temperature will enhance the replication rate of bacteria and viruses


Question 18 Which of the following statements is true regarding the adaptable immune defenses?


Only humoral immunity produces memory cells (immunological memory) of specific pathogen antigen epitopes


Antibody cells commonly present pathogen epitopes to B-Helper cells


The response with the adaptable immune defense depends upon antigen exposure (the first time or 2+ time it has been exposed to the antigen will make a difference)


Natural killer cells can activate cellular and humoral immune defenses


Question 19 Phagocytes are cells that have the capability of engulfing other cells, including human and bacterial cells, along with cellular debris to digest and break down.






Question 20 Which of the following is true regarding inflammation?


It causes decreased vascular permeability to allow for white blood cells to squeeze out of the capillaries


It is a systemic effect within the body, rather than just being localized


A decrease in temperature is one of the symptoms of inflammation


Histamine stimulates the process of vasodilation


Question 21 Which of the following organs/tissues is NOT a component of the lymphatic system?


Thyroid gland


Palatine tonsils




Peyer’s patches


Question 22 Which of the following statements is true of the innate immune defenses?


It creates a memory of the particular pathogen for future expose


Its most effective against one particular type of pathogen


Exposure rate of the pathogen does not matter for its maximum effectiveness


There is usually a lag time from when the body is exposed to the pathogen to when the innate immune defenses respond


Question 23 Lymph nodes are responsible for filtration and activating the immune system.






Question 24 Which type of humoral immunity is generated when an individual receives a vaccine?


Active natural humoral immunity


Passive natural humoral immunity


Passive acquired humoral immunity


Active acquired humoral immunity


Question 25 Lymph fluid is composed primarily of:










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