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Workforce Motivation Replies

1.) Part A ( Peter Hayes)

It is very important to know what motivates an employee because an employee’s motivation determines their level of performance (Lumen, n.d). For example, an employee may be motivated by new and challenging tasks. For such a person, when there are no new tasks, motivation drops and performance levels decline. In the long run, it may result in job withdrawal.

The theory of job dissatisfaction I feel helps in understanding motivation is the carrot and stick approach. While the carrot approach offers a reward for good behavior/compliance, the stick approach results in negative consequences for poor behavior/non-compliance (Williams, 2013). Management should endeavor to strike a balance between both approaches as this will ensure members of staff remain motivated. However, when there is no balance between both approaches motivation level drops. A friend narrated how his company always issues queries and sanctions for poor performance without the commensurate reward for good performance. The entire team lost interest in the job as they felt their efforts were not rewarded outside their salary.

Organizations provide both monetary and non-monetary rewards to employees because different employees are motivated differently. An affirmation of an employee’s good work could result in improved performance going forward.


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2.) Part B (Tiffany Rewerts)

I believe compensation plays an important part in retention. According to a Randstad article, “studies show a direct link between higher pay and higher employee retention rates. A recent study conducted by Harvard University shows that a $1 per hour pay increase among warehouse workers resulted in a 2.8% increase in retention. Even more alarming results show that every $1 per hour loss in pay resulted in 28% increase in turnover rates. It’s quite simple, if your company isn’t offering competitive salaries, your current workers are more likely to leave” (Maervoet, 2022).

According to the class reading, Chapter 7: Retention and Motivation, pay and benefits is not the only reason for dissatisfied employees. Dissatisfaction comes from feeling micromanaged, toxic work environments, perception of favoritism, etc…(UMGC, 2022).

Compensation is a key factor in retention, but an employee also wants to work in an organization where they feel appreciated for their work, heard when they have feedback or concerns, and work for an organization that allows them to grow and advance to new levels in the future. Money is needed to make a living but an individual also wants to like their job and what they do.


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