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write a reply to this writing, 150 words. ‘The closet’ means gay, bisexual, transgender people who

write a reply to this writing, 150 words.

"The closet" means gay, bisexual, transgender people who hide their identity. They did not disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity and various aspects, including sexual identity and sexual behavior. The reason may be due to social pressure, social circles, living habits, etc. In the United States in the 1920s, discrimination and hatred against homosexuals and bisexuals triggered their counterattacks. Special groups such as homosexuals began corresponding protests and marches. They sought equal rights and non-hateful treatment. They hoped that society would no longer insult hatred. Their particularity. As a special term, closet heralds a duality, that is, the opposition between homosexuality and heterosexuality. In the development process of homosexuals’ identity recognition, they are often confused and hesitant because they are contrary to common sense in society, but gradually, with their efforts, this kind of sexual orientation and identity have become more transparent and common. At the same time, the use of the term cabinet is more to help the gay community better understand the relationship between their identity and society and to ease the misunderstanding and maliciousness of the society.

"PHYSIQUE PIONEERS: THE POLITICS OF 1960S GAY CONSUMER CULTURE" by David K. Johnson, the author states that American consumerism helps homosexuals better integrate into society, "American consumer culture—despite many limitations based on income, gender, and race— opened up a space for a sexual minority group to define itself”(Johnson 2). The closet was originally a self-protection mechanism due to social pressure, that is, homosexuals question and confuse their own identity, sometimes because they are difficult to understand Or accept their own sexual behavior and stay in the closet. Gradually, society begins to accept and understand homosexuality and other sexual orientations. The closet is more inclined to explain homosexuality and other interpretations of one's identity, which is more like an introduction to oneself. At the same time, consumer culture helps special groups to be better accepted by society. People take the initiative to understand these special groups because of consumer culture, and at the same time think about different sexual orientations through consumer culture, so they can accept different ideas faster.
Emotion has always been a very important factor in society, and the liberation of homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and other groups is also the liberation of the binary opposition of emotions. Love is never black and white, it is gray and fuzzy.  People can’t even describe clearly how they feel about others. This is the liberation of homosexuality. But such liberation is not a victory, but a rethinking of where these groups should exist in society. That is how to contact and communicate with the general group and live in harmony.


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