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Write a Song/Rap/Poem Project *Song/Rap/Poem (50 points) This project involves exactly what it sounds like. ?Pick a c


Write a Song/Rap/Poem Project *Song/Rap/Poem (50 points)

This project involves exactly what it sounds like.  Pick a certain event, character, or theme from your independent reading book and compose a song, rap, or poem about your subject.  Your creation must not be merely a summary of events, but an analysis of characterization and theme.  You must then present your song/rap/poem orally to the class and explain what you are trying to get across to or describe for your audience.  Acrostic poems and haikus are not permitted.  Your poem must be at least one full page in length, Times New Roman, 12 pt font.  If you feel more comfortable taping yourself rather than presenting your project live, that’s fine.  Just be sure to include a hard copy.

____ Song/rap/poem deals with an important event, character, or theme from the

student’s book.  It is clear the subject matter was carefully chosen and demonstrates an understanding of the book read (20 points).

____ Song/rap/poem is creative and neatly presented (10 points).

____ Song/rap/poem is clearly and effectively presented to class (10 points).

____ Student clearly and effectively explains the meaning of his/her project to the class,     

and discusses how the project represents a particular aspect of the student’s independent reading book (10 points).

*One-page reflection (50 points)

In your reflection, describe why you chose the subject you did and why your subject reveals or expresses an important aspect of your independent reading book.  Be sure to specifically discuss characterization and theme. 

____ Reflection is at least one page long and neatly written (15 points).

____ Reflection is thoughtful and well organized.  There are few to no grammar or

 spelling mistakes (15 points).

____ Reflection successfully explains why the student chose to write about the subject

s/he chose, and how that subject relates to an important aspect of the student’s book (20 points).

Comments for student:


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