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You are a freelance journalist who reports on issues in healthcare. Y


Scenario: You are a freelance journalist who reports on issues in healthcare. You have been commissioned by a newspaper or magazine to write an article on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. It will be based on the findings and data from your research; these findings are contained in your worksheet on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. You will submit your article to the Chief Editor of the newspaper or magazine for review before it is published.


Your article should be three to four pages. Now that the research phase is complete, you are ready to summarize your key findings for the two geographical areas that you studied, to identify similarities and differences, and to draw conclusions about what works and what does not.


To make your article well organized and pithy, you will create an outline, working through your ideas before writing the final article. To prepare in this way, examine your data in the worksheet and make notes, using the questions and prompts in the Outline provided below. When you are ready to write your article, use the headings from the Outline as the sections of your article.


Note: Use this format for your filename: LastName_FirstName_A2_Article.docx


e.g. Doe_John_A2_ Article.docx


Formatting Requirements


•             Typed, double-spaced, professional font (size 10-12), include headings and subheadings, with one- inch margins on all sides


•             In place of a Cover page, include this heading at the top of Page One of your article:


?             TO: Chief Editor – Insert Professor’s Name


?             FROM: Insert Your Name


?             DATE: Insert Date Submitted


?             RE: JWI 570 – COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Article


•             Include a References page that enables the reader to locate original sources. Application and analysis of course materials and resources are expected, and additional research is welcome.


•             The References page is not included in the required length




Use this Outline to plan and then write your article. The underlined headings are the section headings in your article. The prompts in each section indicate the required content.


TO: Chief Editor – Your Instructor’s Name


FROM: Your Name


DATE: Date of Submission


RE: JWI 570 – COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Article




Specify the two geographical locations that you selected for your article.


Give a brief overview of the research you have done and explain your goal in reporting on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.


Supply and Distribution of Vaccines


Address the following questions:


What are the phases of the vaccine rollout in each location? What agency has the authority to define these phases?


What regulatory body or bodies are responsible for the distribution?


What challenges have there been with supply and distribution in each location? How effective are any strategies being used to address these challenges?


Vaccine Clinics and Oversight


Address the following questions:


Where can vaccinations be administered in each location? What type of caregiver is approved to give shots?


What are the storage requirements for the vaccines used in the clinics?


What challenges have there been with administration of vaccine clinics in each location? How effective are any strategies being used to address these challenges?


Examining the Data


Address the following questions:


How are the number of shots administered being tracked in each location? How are mortality rates from COVID-19 being tracked in each location?


Which location has had a higher number of people vaccinated so far? Is this also a higher percentage of the population?


Which location has had a lower COVID-19 mortality rate since the start of the pandemic? What is the trend in COVID-19 mortality rates over the past 3 months? Why?




Identify two aspects of the rollout in which your research showed successful strategies that are facilitating good progress in the rollout.


Explain why those strategies are effective and discuss how well they would work for other states within the U.S. or for other countries, depending which option you chose.




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