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You are a preschool/young school-age teacher in an early childhood program, and you are excited to te


You are a preschool/young school-age teacher in an early childhood program, and you are excited to teach! This is your opportunity to develop and implement a developmentally appropriate lesson plan with preschool or young school-age children.

Part One – Lesson Plan

Develop an instructional lesson plan for preschool or young school-age children that includes the following:

Group, Setting, and Activity Name:

  • Describes the setting and group of children with whom you will implement the lesson plan.
  • Provide a name for the activity in the lesson plan.

Rationale – DAP: 

  • How will this lesson be beneficial for this group of learners?
  • What do you know about this group of learners that justifies presenting this lesson content and using these methods?

Rationale – Learning Outcomes:

  • What early learning standards/guidelines do you need to consider in the development of your lesson plan?
  • What are your objectives for the lesson?
  • For example, what will the learner be expected to achieve at the end of the lesson?


  • List all materials and preparation needed to carry out the described activities.

Teaching Practices:

  • Introduction: How will you introduce to children the purpose of the lesson and motivate them to participate in the activity?
  • How will you connect your lesson content to previous knowledge?
  • Implementation: Outline your step-by-step process for implementing the lesson.
  • Support for All Learners: Based on what you know about your learners – How will you plan to meet the whole group's needs?
  • What strategies are present in the plan to ensure that each child can access and fully participate in the lesson? Are you avoiding bias?
  • Closure: How will you reflect on this lesson to inform your future teaching?
  • Uses correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the 2-3-page preschool or young school-age children lesson plan.

Please note: It is recommended that you copy and paste the sections above into a Word document and answer each question in detail.

Part Two – Recording of Lesson Implementation

Using your cell phone or another smart device, record a video (up to 10 minutes maximum) of you implementing your lesson plan or a part of the plan.

Implementing the lesson plan in a live setting is not required. You may choose to record yourself practicing this lesson at home (or even with your family members). Remember, the focus of the video should be on your teaching practices.

If you choose to record your video in a live setting, please maintain confidentiality. Children’s faces should not be present in your video.

Submission Requirements:

  • You will submit your completed lesson plan in a Word document and a video file of you implementing the lesson.
  • To submit the lesson plan, copy and paste the lesson plan headings and questions (above) into a Word document and answer each question in detail using complete sentences
  • To submit your video file, provide a link to your video or submit an MP3 file in a zipped file.
  • Upload both the lesson plan and video in one dropbox submission.


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