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#Exp22 Word Ch04 CumulativeAssessment Retirement

#Word Chapter 4 Cumulative Assessment – Retirement

# exp22_word_ch04_cumulativeassessment_retirement 


Project Description:

You are enrolled in a personal finance course at a local university. One of the assignments is to write a group paper with another student about the different types of retirement plans. You and your partner conducted research on the topic and wrote a final draft of the report. In this project, you will format the paper to enhance readability. You will use track changes, accepting and rejecting them as necessary, credit sources used in the preparation of the report, address your partner’s comments, and include a table of contents and an index.


Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Word_Ch04_CumulativeAssessment_Retirement.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. 


Ensure that the markup view is   All Markup. On the second page, reject the deletion of the word NOW. Change the view to No Markup and   ensure that the word is not duplicated, removing any additional text as   necessary so that only the word NOW is   shown at the end of the sentence.


Accept all other tracked changes   in the document and stop tracking. Keep all comments.


Change the view to Simple Markup   and ensure that document comments are shown. Change all headings as indicated   by comments in the document.


Reply to the first comment by   typing Done (do not include a period). Mark   the first two comments, related to heading styles, as resolved.


Change the writing style to APA   Sixth Edition. Apply the following formatting to all pages of the document,   except the cover page.

  Document is double-spaced (with the exception of the included tables).
  The first line of every paragraph includes a first-line indent of 0.5” (with   the exception of heading lines, the included tables, and bulleted lines).
  No paragraph spacing is included.


Click or position the insertion   point before the period at the end of the first sentence of the 403(b) Plans section on page 6. The   sentence ends in (TSA) plan. Insert   the following Web site citation, clicking or selecting Show All Bibliography   Fields, if necessary, to ensure access to all open areas:
  Name of Web Page: Choosing a Retirement Plan: 403(b) Tax-Sheltered   Annuity Plan
  Name of Web Site: IRS
  Year: 2023
  Month: October
  Day: 08


Click or position the insertion   point before the period ending the first sentence of the 401(k) Plans section. The sentence ends with individual retirement accounts. Insert the following Web site   citation:
  Name of Web Page: 401(k) Plan
  Name of Web Site: IRS
  Year: 2022
  Month: October
  Day: 14


Edit the Traditional and Roth IRAs source shown after the second table in   the document, changing the Year to 2023.


Create a blank page at the end   of the report and insert a bibliography with the title Works Cited. Edit the 401(k)   source (shown in the 401(k) section of the report), changing the Day to 15. Choose to update both the   master list and current document. Update the bibliography to reflect the   change.


Format the bibliography at   double spacing with no paragraph spacing before or after. All text in the   bibliography, including the Works Cited title, should be 12 pt Times New   Roman. The Works Cited title should be centered and shown with each word   capitalized (not in all uppercase). If necessary, click or display the Home   tab, click or select Change Case in the Font group, and select Capitalize   Each Word to change the title. Ensure that no text is bold.


Insert a blank page after the   cover page. Create a table of contents, with an Automatic Table 1 style, on   the new page. Note: Mac users, create a Classic style table of contents.


Insert a page break before the   second table, so that the entire table is shown on one page.


Mark the following words as   index entries, selecting Mark All for each: contribution, Roth IRA, Traditional   IRA, 403(b), and 401(k). Select the first occurrence of   deduction and set a cross-reference   as See contribution.


Add an index on a blank page at   the end of the document, ensuring that the format is From template. Accept   all default settings.


Save and close Exp22_Word_Ch04_CumulativeAssessment_Retirement.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.