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You closed out your short response paper from last week suggesting a top candidate. This week, you will develop a script that covers your offer, your return counter, your response to

You closed out your short response paper from last week suggesting a top candidate. This week, you will develop a script that covers your offer, your return counter, your response to their requests, and the wrap-up.

Assignment Instructions

In your short response paper, please detail your approaches to the following using the following headings as a template:

  1. Introduction
    1. Detail the candidate and the job description you are working with.
  2. Offer Conversation
    1. Develop a script to have an offer conversation with the candidate.
      1. Refer to what you learned in M3.3 to develop an offer.
  3. Counter
    1. Uh oh. They watched the Indeed video, How to Negotiate Salary: Asking for More Money After a Job OfferLinks to an external site. and are preparing to counter. How will you react when they give their range?
      1. Refer to what you learned in M3.3 to respond to their counter.
  4. Final Round of Requests
    1. They use the same video to make a final round of requests to you. How will you react when they provide their final requests?
      1. Refer to what you learned in M3.3 to respond to their requests.
  5. Offer Letter
    1. Finally, what will your offer letter include?
      1. Refer to what you learned in M3.3 to develop a brief offer letter.

Your short response paper should be at least 400 words, utilize scholarly references and APA (including a title page and references page), and incorporate at least two scholarly references. Don’t forget to develop a thoughtful response that is woven and stylistic in some way.

Corresponding reading:

· Maurer, R. (2022, July 19).  Recruiting 101: 5 tips for closing the deal Links to an external site. . SHRM. Retrieved July 30, 2022, from


Delivering an offer is the final step in the true hiring process. Offers can be provided by either the human resources lead on the job or the hiring manager. It all depends on the organization and, sometimes, the role and preference of the hiring manager. Usually, an offer is delivered in two components: a verbal offer and a follow-up offer letter. Both are very carefully crafted beforehand.

In the last module, we mentioned salary quite a bit, but let’s go a little more in-depth about where a figure comes from. Before any offer is made, a lot of prep work is done to triangulate the right salary and compensation package for the individual. During the job description process, a salary (or salary range) is conceptualized based on the expectations for the role and in accordance with the budget. This process includes salary benchmarking – looking up salary averages for the role in databases,  like this CUPA-HR database. Links to an external site.  Many paid and free salary databases verify that the salary is commensurate with industry, location, and experience norms. In addition, candidates are asked about their salary expectations during the screening and interview process, so companies know where the candidate’s expectations are, or at least if the salary is acceptable.

A note about salary vs. salary range:  The expectations and outcomes of the role are determined as part of the job description process, and those expectations should justify a set salary. However, a  salary range could be considered for other talents, and expertise individuals bring to the table. In an interview with SHRM, Catherine Jaeger, recruiting manager at real estate technology company Compass, agrees that presenting the candidate with the salary, benefits, and duties from the first conversation is important, "That's because I don't want to get [candidates] to the end of the process and have them not be interested or give them an offer they can't even consider," she said. "That's wasting their time and ours" (Maurer, 2022).

Besides determining the salary, the full compensation package (benefits) is usually standard for the organization. A company might consider flexibility and points of competitiveness during negotiation regarding sign-on bonus amount, vacation time (though rarely due to equity), flexible work hours, start date, job titles (though rarely), relocation costs, and specialized hardware.

The Verbal Offer

After determining a good time to speak with the candidate, either the human resources lead on the job, or the hiring manager will call the candidate. A basic script looks like the following:

1. It’s been great getting to know you throughout the process.

2. I’m excited to make you an offer today for the role of X.

3. Our competitive offer package includes (401K, X vacation days, insurance, etc.).

4. Our base salary offer is X.

5. What questions can I answer for you about everything I’ve said?

6. Would there be any issues with a start date of X?

7. We will get your offer letter over to you by the end of the day.

The Offer Letter

The offer letter should reiterate the points made on the call with great detail and contain an expiration date (the date you need to hear back from the candidate) and a start date. The candidate may have competing offers and may ask for a little time to review, but hopefully, you will receive an acceptance within 24 hours. It is customary to send a full benefits package packet with the offer letter.

SHRM shares two offer letter templates:

1. Conditional Links to an external site.

2. Unconditional Links to an external site.


It is not uncommon to negotiate once, especially with every piece of advice on the Internet pointing candidates to do so. Negotiating more than once is unusual. The hope is that you can avoid negotiation altogether by getting on the same page about expectations during the screening and interview process.

Some counters ask for a higher salary, while others may ask for additional perks and benefits. Some candidates do it over the phone, while others do it in writing. In some cases, current employers may counter-hoping to retain the employee, or candidates may have competing offers. The hope is that knowledge of competing offers or interviews emerges as getting to know the candidate during the screening and interview processes.

Responding to counters via call or email is a preference, and both are acceptable.

Acceptance Example Language

I am happy to report we are able to meet your salary request. We are looking forward to you joining our team. Please see the new offer letter that confirms the new annual salary of $XX,XXX.

Disagreement Example Language

While you are our chosen candidate, we are unfortunately able to meet your salary request. We believe there will be many opportunities in the future with the growth of our company. We hope you will reconsider our offer of an annual salary of $XX,XXX.

For more information and examples of counter language, check out the article,  Three Ways to Respond to a Counter Offer Links to an external site.  by Indeed.  

Regarding counters, it is not uncommon for prospective employers to hop on a call and coach candidates if they want them as part of their talent pool. They’ve developed a professional repour over the last few weeks and know a great deal about the candidate’s aims. Mirroring some of the negative comments they’ve heard candidates make about their current situation might be just what the candidate needs to hear to make the leap.


Analyzing Applications 2

Short Response Paper: Analyzing Applications

IND502: Strategic Talent Management In a Complex World

Position/Job Description: The position is for a Security Guard. Duties will be completed at the Black Cotton Apartment Complex. The complex is a gated community comprised of four apartment building units, recreation room, pool, gym, and pet walk. Apartments are either furnished or unfurnished. Garages are separate from apartment buildings. The security guard team will protect the assigned property, promote and enforce safety and security and act as a visible deterrent against irregular activity.

Job Description Consideration – I focused some aspects of the description such as the ability to work within access control points, the ability to provide accurate reports, and implement emergency plans if required. Further, I looked for those with good communication skills and some customer service experience as the candidate would interact with tenants on a regular basis. The candidate’s age (minimum 18), education (minimum HS diploma or GED), and holding a valid driver’s license are the minimum requirements that were identified before the application screening process was started (SHRM, 2017). The profiles were check for grammar as well as misspellings which would attest to attention to detail.

Candidates – Initial 10

Sherryl Dela Rosa: Her background, to include her current position at Veteran Affairs, is in the security field. She is military veteran that served as a Military Police. She has experience with medical emergencies, vehicle inspections, and access control. Further, she also has experience in customer service which is a part of working at an apartment complex. She also holds an active security clearance, which will possibly mean she will pass all required background check. She meets all minimum requires.

Joel Tolentino: His current position is in the field of security, and he has held various security officer/security guard positions. He has worked with Closed Captioned Television (CCTV) and access control, to include operating gated entry points. He has formal education in criminal justice and meets all minimum requirements.

Danielle Martinez: She has some experience in the in the security field as well as customer service. Her communication and reporting skills have been verified and she meets all minimum requirements.

Jenny Duron: She has over 4 years of experience. She has customer service experience as well as experience with controlled access points. She also has some education in Criminal Justice. She is CPR and AED certified and has earned a Report Writing Certificate. All minimum requirements have been met.

Mario Lopez: He has over 5 years of experience. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Investigation and Security.

Juwan Daniels-Dyer: He has 4 years of experience in law enforcement, corrections, and security. He is a military Veteran and hods a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. He has held various leadership positions which required interacting with others. He has some customer service experience and meets all minimum requirements.

David Fennessey, Jr.: He has some experience in security and is certified in Adult CPR. He has verified communication skills and some report writing skills. He meets all minimum requirements.

Daniel Calbert: He has 3 years of public security experience that included report writing and customer service. He has verified communication skills and meets all minimum requirements.

Gabrielle Brooks-Brown: He has 8 years of security experience. He has worked various positions with different types of companies. He holds an associate degree in Criminal Justice and is a Certified Protection Officer.

Jessie G: He has 2 years’ experience in public safety as well as some customer service experience. He is a Certified Protection Officer and meets all minimum requirements.

Candidates – Final 5

The final five were chosen based on the requirements specified in the job description and the depth of information within the individual profiles. The final 5 candidates are as follows:

Sherryl Dela Rosa – She has over 5 years’ experience to include some Military Police experience. She noted experiences with medical emergencies, vehicle inspections, and access control points. Background checks will be easier because she holds an active security clearance.

Joel Tolentino – He has held various security positions and worked with CCTV, access control and has formal Criminal Justice education.

Jenny Duron – She has over 4 years of experience in security and customer service. She also worked with control access points and has some formal education in Criminal Justice. She is CPR and AED certified, which stood out above all other candidates.

Juwan Daniels-Dyer – He has 4 years of law enforcement, corrections, and security. He is a veteran and has formal education in Criminal Justice.

Gabrielle Brooks-Brown – He has 8 years’ experience, which is more than all other the other candidates. The positions were with various types of companies. He also has formal Criminal Justice education and is a certified protection officer.

Screening Questions

At times when the shift becomes boring, please explain what you would do to stay focused and motivated at work? – Guard duty can be uneventful and rather boring. It is very easy become complacent and uninterested. The position requires attention to detail so this question would be appropriate.

What industries have you worked in as a security guard? – There are various security guard positions that require different actions. Some positions may just require standing at a door or sitting in a office watching CCTV. The type of experience will matter with this position.

What are some types of security systems have you worked with? – There are various security system in the field. It would be more convenient if the candidate had experience in the company’s current system, but training can be provided is necessary.

Have you ever dealt with a difficult visitor? What did you do in this situation? – In an apartment complex there are various type of people that may encounter the guards, some are not friendly or may be become unruly. This is a question that will give the employer an idea of the mindset of the candidate.

Have you ever dealt with a medical issue while on shift? How did you respond? – In an apartment complex where people live, there is a high chance that there will be some type of medical emergency. An employer would want to know how the candidate would react in this stressful situation.

Inclusive Considerations

The job description utilized gender-neutral words which would attract male, female, non-binary or gender-fluid applicants (SHRM, 2021). Further, language and phrases that would make older applicants uncomfortable were not utilized (Ward, 2021).

Top Candidate

After considering the job description, the minimum requirements, and the candidates profiles the top candidate was Sherryl Dela Rosa. She has relevant security experience, police experience as well as experience interacting with customers. She understands how to operate vehicle inspections, access control points, and respond to medical emergencies.


SHRM. (2017). Screening and Evaluating Job Candidates. Society for Human Resource Management. Retrieved November 5, 2022, from

SHRM. (2021) Writing Inclusive Job Postings and Descriptions. Society for Human Resource Management. Retrieved November 6, 2022, from

Ward, M. (2021). The words and phrases you should stop using in job descriptions if you want to attract applicants from diverse backgrounds. Business Insider. Retrieved November 6, 2022, from


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