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You should come to understand the relationship between abnormal physiology and disease




you should come to understand the relationship between abnormal physiology and disease. So, when you are discussing a disease, you need, first of all, to have an understanding of the normal physiology of the organ or organ system that your study will concern.

Then, once you have that understanding, you will describe what pathophysiological changes occur in that organ or organ system and how these lead to the clinical expression of the disorder you are describing in your paper.

To this end, your research paper will allow you to illustrate your understanding of the relationship of normal and abnormal physiology. Your study can be of a patient with a particular disease or disorder that interests you especially, or it can be one that you learned about through your contacts with patients or even friends or family, or yourself.

You are already aware that each disease has a particular etiology, or cause (sometimes, the etiology is not known), and follows a sequence of developments (pathogenesis) that reflects physiologic change (disruption of homeostasis) occurring in the patient throughout the progression of the disease. The changes that occur in the patient during the development of the disease are reflective of damages (lesions) that have been produced and that disturb normal physiology.

1. You will begin by reading about the normal physiology of the organ or system that is the topic of your paper. For this, it will be useful to study what is present in your textbook as well as what is written in the scholarly literature about the normal functioning of said organ or organ system. How does the organ or organ system contribute to maintaining homeostasis in the individual. This will constitute the INTRODUCTION section of your paper.

2. You will then discuss the disease that is the topic of your paper (e.g., diabetes mellitus, stroke, mitochondrial disorders, etc.). This part of your paper should include the pathophysiological changes that you would expect to encounter in a patient with the disorder – what is/are the clinical expression(s) of the disorder that result from the disordered physiology in a patient. What is the timeline of the clinical changes that would take place in a patient. This section of your paper should be entitled PATHOPHYSIOLOGICAL ALTERATIONS.

3. The LITERATURE CITED section of your paper will include AT LEAST 12 SCHOLARLY REFERENCES that you have CITED in your paper. DO NOT include any non-scholarly materials such as pamphlets, Internet materials that are not refereed, materials intended for the non-professional.



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