Chat with us, powered by LiveChat You will create this assignment following the Assignment Detail instructions below. Review the tutorial How to Submit an In | WriteDen

You will create this assignment following the Assignment Detail instructions below. Review the tutorial How to Submit an In


You will create this assignment following the Assignment Detail instructions below.

Review the tutorial How to Submit an Individual Project.

Assignment Details

Prework for Argumentative Essay

For this assignment, you will begin the process of writing an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay takes a position on a debatable, controversial topic and provides evidence to support the position.

In Unit 6, you will submit the full draft of this essay; for this week, you will simply warm up by completing some prewriting and preliminary research on the topic you pick. In this assignment, you will practice prewriting strategies, researching, and APA in-text citations.

Think about a heated conversation that you have recently had or heard regarding a current event or controversial issue. (Do not write about a personal argument.) Consider the issue and your position on it. Come up with 3 different reasons why you think your position on the topic is correct. You can select any topic you like—just make sure the topic is appropriate for an argumentative essay and related to an issue that will hold your interest when you return to this essay in the coming weeks.

If you are looking for a place to get started, access the Opposing Viewpoints database in the Library. For additional information on accessing the library please watch this Library Tutorial Video. This database lists many potential controversial issues you can pick from. It is also a great place to find sources that contain data or other useful information that will support your claims. You will use 1 source from this search in your paper to practice quoting and citing this source in APA style.

For this assignment, use this worksheet (do not submit the worksheet; it is for guidance purposes only) to submit the following:

  • Evidence of prewriting and invention strategies (such as a file that contains your brainstorming, freewriting, clustering, mind mapping, or listing)
  • A 1–2-sentence thesis statement that clearly states your position on the topic and 3 reasons that support the position
  • An outline that provides one main aspect or idea related to the selected issue for each of the 3 body paragraphs of the essay
    • Note: The article you select should contain evidence that will support 1 or more of these body-paragraph points.
  • A 1-sentence quoted passage from your article, cited with a proper APA in-text citation.
    • Note: This passage should contain ideas or information that would support one of your body paragraph points.

NOTE: For assistance with this assignment, please refer to the assigned readings listed under Unit 4 Learning Activities, as well as your intellipath lessons.

Assignment CriteriaProficient DescriptorPointsIssue Selection & Brainstorming• Identifies and selects an issue that is interesting and debatable
• Uses appropriate brainstorming strategies (freewriting, clustering, mind mapping, listing, etc.) to research selected topic and organize information meaningfully.
• Provides evidence of brainstorming as directed./5 pts.Thesis Statement• Thesis statement explicitly reflects writer’s position on the issue, and sets the scope for the essay as per the assignment guidelines/10 pts.Paragraph Outlines• Each of the three paragraph outlines provides one main aspect/idea related to the selected issue.
• Main paragraph ideas are logically aligned to the thesis statement.
• Each paragraph outline includes points of evidential support (logical/anecdotal/textual, etc.) of the main idea emphasized in that paragraph.
• Considers multiple points of view as thesis is developed across the three paragraphs outlines./25 pts.Quoted PassageLocates and provides a relevant quoted passage with accurate in-text citation in APA Style to support one of the body paragraphs./5 pts.Grammar & MechanicsSentences are clear, well-articulated within the specified assignment requirements, and free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors/5 pts.Total/50 pts.

If you are planning to repurpose an assignment or submit one you have used before, please let your instructor know. If an instructor is not made aware of work being repurposed or reused, he or she will treat the assignment as a plagiarized task and reserves the right to post an F grade and submit a task for review to administration until proof of originality is provided. View the full AIU Policies on submitting papers.


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