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Your older clinic patient is being seen today as a follow-up for a 2-day history of pneumonia.

•             Question 1          Your older clinic patient is being seen today as a follow-up for a 2-day history of pneumonia. The patient continues to have a productive cough, shortness of breath, and lethargy and has been spending most of the day lying in bed. You should begin the chest examination by:                                             


•             Question 2          Facial muscle or tongue weakness may result in:                                              


•             Question 3          The foramen ovale should close:                                             


•             Question 4          The adnexa of the uterus are composed of the:                                               


•             Question 5          While examining a 30-year-old woman, you note that one breast is slightly larger than the other. In response to this finding, you should:                                     


•             Question 6          You are inspecting the genitalia of an uncircumcised adult male. The foreskin is tight and cannot be easily retracted. You should:                                      


•             Question 7          Which cranial nerves are usually evaluated during the examination of the eyes?                               


•             Question 8          If pitting edema is unilateral, you would suspect occlusion of a:                                 


•             Question 9          Darian is a 14-year-old adolescent who states his right testicle has a soft swollen mass. The testicle is not painful upon palpation. The right inguinal canal is without masses. The mass does transilluminate with a penlight. This collection of symptoms is consistent with:                                           


•             Question 10        Diabetic peripheral neuropathy will likely produce:                                         


•             Question 11        Ulnar deviation and boutonniere deformities are characteristic of:                                          


•             Question 12        When assessing a 17-year-old for nuchal rigidity, you gently raise his head off the examination table. He involuntarily flexes his hips and knees. To confirm your suspicions associated with this positive test, you would also perform a test for the _____ sign.                                 


•             Question 13        The reliability of health-related findings and observations is the responsibility of the:     


•             Question 14        Throughout the history and physical examination, the clinician should:                                  


•             Question 15        One of the most important aspects to consider in the orthopedic screening examination is:


•             Question 16        Temporalis and masseter muscles are evaluated by:                                      


•             Question 17        Which of the following statements is true regarding the examination of peripheral arteries? •                Question 18        A finding that is indicative of osteoarthritis is:                                    


•             Question 19        A 40 yr old female presents to the clinic with complaints of low back and buttock pain. Pt states the buttock pain radiates from one side to the other. On examination, the patient is noted to have limited ROM of the shoulders, chest wall, hips, and knees. Upon xray, you find gross postural changes and there is a severe deformity of the vertebral column.


What is the most likely diagnosis for this patient?


•             Question 20        At your first meeting with a patient, it is usually best to say:                                        


•             Question 21        Which medical condition would exclude a person from sports participation?                       


•             Question 22        Normal changes of the aging brain include:                                         


•             Question 23        Adrian Thompson is a 19-year-old girl who presents to the clinic with complaints of severe, acute chest pain. Her mother reports that Andrian, apart from occasional sinus infections, Andrian is not prone to respiratory problems. What potential risk factor is most important to assess with regards to Adrian’s current problem?         :


•             Question 24        A positive straight leg raise test usually indicates:                                             


•             Question 25        A common finding in markedly obese and pregnant women is:                                 


•             Question 26        You are reviewing an ECG of a 43 year old new patient. The patient has a history of second-degree heart block. The ECG shows the PR interval is increases with each beat until a QRS is dropped. What is this type of block called?                                 


•             Question 27        The rectal past medical history of all patients should include inquiry about:                          


•             Question 28        Inspection of the scrotum should reveal:                                             


•             Question 29        You are performing a two-point discrimination test as part of a well physical examination. The area with the ability to discern two points in the shortest distance is the:                                       


•             Question 30        When conducting a geriatric assessment, basic activities of daily living (ADLs) include:    


•             Question 31        Breath sounds normally heard over the trachea are called:                                          


•             Question 32        The spread of the impulse through the ventricles (ventricular depolarization) is depicted on the ECG as the:                                        


•             Question 33        Palpation of a normal prostate in an older adult is likely to feel:                                 


•             Question 34        If your patient has nipple discharge, you will most likely need a:                                               


•             Question 35        When palpating breast tissue, the examiner should use the _____ at each site.                


•             Question 36        It is especially important to test for ankle clonus if:                                          


•             Question 37        For purposes of examination and communication of physical findings, the breast is divided into:                                               


•             Question 38        You are initially evaluating the equilibrium of Ms. Q. You ask her to stand with her feet together and arms at her sides. She loses her balance. Ms. Q. has a positive:                                 


•             Question 39                        A patient in the deepest coma would be scored a _____ on the Glasgow Coma Scal


•             Question 40        During a routine prenatal visit, Ms. T. was noted as having dependent edema, varicosities of the legs, and hemorrhoids. She expressed concern about these symptoms. You explain to Ms. T. that her enlarged uterus is compressing her pelvic veins and her inferior vena cava. You would further explain that these findings:


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